Received$httpinputstream as response while calling service which is unable to process

I'm developing workflow application in Apache camel

Business Use case:

1.Service is exposed at consumer endpoint

2.Processing with request message

3.Call external SOAP Service, get the response

4.check particular tag in response xml and then only call another external SOAP Service

5.Return the final response to client

Now I got stuck in step 4

My camel Route is

<camelContext xmlns="">

    <route streamCache="true">
      <from uri="cxf:bean:proxyEndpoint"/>
        <process ref="myProcessor"/>
             <!-- processing request & logging -->
             <!-- set request as body required for calling external web service -->
      <to uri="cxf:bean:panEndpoint"/>
      <!-- <to uri="file:C:/LOG" /> -->
      <!--  <process ref="myProcessor2"/> -->
      <log message="&gt;&gt;&gt; ${body}" loggingLevel="INFO"/> 


I'm able to call external Service but after <to uri="cxf:bean:panEndpoint"/> if I try to log body I'm getting arbitrary value same in case of routing to file.

When I tried to route to Processor and print System.out.println(exchange.getIn().getBody()); I'm getting$httpinputstream which I'm unable to parse or process

External Service is called and proper response is receiving as I tried to monitor the scenario using TCP-IP Monitor

Any help will be appreciated.