EF Migration script sql file path issue when .net app has been published

I've got a .sql file which I use in a EF Migrations Up() method SqlFile("SeedData\Iso_Countries.sql");

Currently I have the build action set to "Content"

It is putting the .Sql file into the bin folder and works perfectly as expected when running the application locally.

When I publish the application, again it puts the .Sql file in the bin folder. under /SeedData etc.

However the migration script when executing on the remote iis server is trying to access it at C:\inetpub\wwwroot\SeedData\Iso_Countries.sql

Any idea what I need to do to ensure it's able to pick this file up on the migration on both local and publish environements?

Migration class

    public partial class AddCountrySeedData : DbMigration
    public override void Up()

    public override void Down()
        Sql("Delete from dbo.Country");


This error occurs when EF is trying to run migrations on the iis server I published my .net app to.