Recording sound with MVC

There is a MVC project needs to run on Honeywell CV31 Vehicle-Mounted Computer and the issue is recording, playing sounds at browser. Device has Windows CE 7.0.

  1. I tried to use Intermec HTML 5 browser but audio tag is not available on it, also tried ZetaKey, Internet Explorer browsers.
  2. Tried to use Flash which is not supported.
  3. I found Silverlight solution but CE 7.0 supports Silverlight 3.0 and Silverlight 3.0 doesn't have media in that version.
  4. Tried many kind of external js libraries and browser not able to run Web API
  5. Tried to use mciSendString(winmm.dll), it works on local fine but not successful on server.

Need to find a solution or a new approach to solve this.

Thanks in advance,