Passing parameters into app component

How do I feed static data to my app component? I would like to use the data during component initialization, a bit like ngInit in Angular 1.x

This is what I've tried:


<some-viewing-app [workflows]="@Json.Encode(ViewBag.Workflows)"></some-viewing-app>


<some-viewing-app workflows="@Json.Encode(ViewBag.Workflows)"></some-viewing-app>


export interface IWorkflowMap {
  [id: number]: string;

  selector: 'some-viewing-app',
  providers: [...],
  template: `...`,
export class AppComponent {
  workflows: IWorkflowMap;

  ngOnInit() {
    this.leadApiService.workflows = this.workflows; // == undefined! :(

I've also tried reading the workflows from the constructor with the same result. I would prefer this solution over fetching static with AJAX.