How to create a logic hook in SugarCRM/SuiteCRM based on info in 'Campaign' subpanel of Leads?

I have a field in leads module as 'interested_c' which is decimal type and would store numeric values.

Here is the detailview of Campaign subpanel of Leads Module.

Leads Details View

One record has Activity Type = Click-thru (iink) and corresponding 'related' which is a URL (tracker).

I want to create a logic hook for leads module, which if possibly, could use both pieces of information as conditions on each occuranc of:

if Activity Type = Click-thru (link) and other 'related' = , then the incremental value is add to custom field 'interested_c'.

How such logic hook can be created?

Your helping hand is solicited!

With thanks,


There are some pieces of information which may be helpful:

  1. This 'Campaign' Subpanel is getting most data from module: CampaignLog (which has a relationship with Campaign). [Corresponding MySQL Table: campaign_log]
  2. These variables are defined in vardefs.php of suitecrm>modules>CampaignLog> Vardefs of the fields concerned here