How to maintain type consistency when transferring between Max/MSP and Python via UDP?

I'm new to Python and trying to send a list of floats from Max/MSP but all I receive is some encrypted jargon on the other side. For example if I tried to send

-64.463172 24.633138 10.054035 -2.445868 -7.855343 -8.22241 -7.066427 -5.288864 -2.530465 0.458666 2.289094 2.566208 1.953798 1.114607 0.296125 -0.339662 -0.604555 -0.518344 -0.328184 -0.239883 -0.265401 -0.312797 -0.300493 -0.189546

I receive

b'list\x00\x00\x00\x00,ffffffffffffffffffffffff\x00\x00\x00\xc2\x80\xed%A\xc5\x10\xabA \xddT\xc0\x1c\x89\x1a\xc0\xfb^\xf8\xc1\x03\x8e\xfe\x
c0\xe2 ,\xc0\xa9>_\xc0!\xf3%>\xea\xd6B@\x12\x80\x86@$<\xc1?\xfa\x16\x0f?\x8e\xabt>\x97\x9d\xc1\xbe\xad\xe8=\xbf\x1a\xc4\x1e\xbf\x04\xb2*\xb

A similar question was asked here
max/msp to ruby via udp message format
but that was dealing with integers and it was easy enough to parse and get the right number out, but I have no idea how to decode this. Any help?