Windows IOT Local Database Hosting

What am I trying to do: I want to deploy a Windows IoT (Universal Windows) app on multiple Raspberry Pi3 devices. This app will READ data from a database. The database must be on a local network (no internet access). The database will be hosted on a Windows 10 machine or another RPi3.

Here is where I am stuck. I want to be able to connect these devices, via C# code, to a database hosted on a local machine on the closed network. The thing is SQLite cannot do this task, since it is embedded. Any other options that can help?

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  • answered 2017-06-17 18:21 wind-rider

    If you have any regular (x86/x64) machine you can run any database on that (sql server, MySQL etc).

    I don't know whether you are using .Net Core or UWP for your app on the raspberry devices?

    In .Net Core you can use something from here, that might also work for UWP.

    I don't know about databases that can run on Windows IoT Core, maybe you could find an answer on google for that.