How to get the value (not the key) from a mongo document?

I have a mongo db document like below in collection called 'Cust'

"_id" : "urn:est:dba:casper::id:fc7fe1cfb9329383c846e04524fa622f",
"fields" : {
    "entityId" : "urn:est:dba:casper:c33e6c18f762789494abcf80694c2045",
    "entityName" : "cust"
    "Status": "verified"
"creationDate" : ISODate("2017-06-14T06:22:42.028-04:00"),
"modifiedDate" : ISODate("2017-06-14T06:22:42.028-04:00"),
"_Version" : 1.1

I want to store the status value in a variable called var.

I have tried with db.cust.find({ "_id" : /id:fc7fe1cfb9329383c846e04524fa622f/}, {_id: 0, "Status": 1}) but it returns me

"Status" : "verified"

Instead i want just "verified" to be returned, and not the key. What are the possible ways to achieve it?