how to use i18nSupport in java with play framework 2.5.x

I recently upgraded my project from 2.3.x to 2.5.x. I have a html page like below. However i can't get the multiple langauge support to work(it used to work with 2.3.x).

@()(implicit lang: play.api.i18n.Lang,messages:play.api.i18n.Messages)

The controller is written in Java. I have read the migration documentation that i will need to use i18nSupport and import play.api.i18n.Messages.Implicits._ for the language to work.

public class EmailController extends Controller {
private myservice.MyEnvironment env;

public UserFormHandler(myservice.MyEnvironment) {
    this.env = env;

But i didn't find any documentation on how to use i18nsupport and import play.api.i18n.Messages.Implicits._ with Java.

1.Can anyone advise how to do that? 2.Can anyone provide an example project on how the internationalization works in 2.5.x?