Apple Mapkit turn-by-turn navigation - wrong redirection

I am working on a turn-by-turn navigation appliation using MapKit. I have developed the app in such a way that I send a MKDirectionRequest on every user location update.

Now when the user is either at an intersection or under/over a bridge, the application misreads the direction user is traveling in and re-routes itself. Ex: I am traveling to North towards my destination, while enroute there is an overpass bridge that travels in East-West direction. The application misreads that user is traveling in either East/West direction based on user's location and redirects it self.

I am not sure how to prevent this re-routing, one way I know is to not send MKDirectionRequest everytime user location is updated. Request it once and parse the reponse based on user location. But here I am not sure how I can update the distance remaining to be travelled and ETA.

Is there another way I can possibly solve this issue?