Regarding PayPal Adaptive Payment rules

I will create a Freelancer Marketplace on WordPress using EngineTheme solution and PayPal Adaptive Payment as Escrow System.

However, I know that PayPal and other payment systems are struggling against illicit transactions (money laundering ...). So I have questions that will directly impact my site management rules.

1-Do I have to have a PayPal account to use adaptive payments?

2-What is the payment limit with this system? In other words: what is the maximum budget for a project that a recruiter (company) can pay? I imagine PayPal imposes strict conditions with regard to money laundering in particular.

3-In this payment system, is there a time limit for a project? In other words, if the project is still not finished at the end of N days, does PayPal anticipate anything?

4-When is the freelance paid?

5-Is it possible to realize split payments? For example, the triggering of a payment at each milestone.

6-Does the recruiter have the opportunity to pay a deposit to the freelancer?

7-Is the freelancer payment automatic or should the admin manually perform the transfer?

8-At the end of how long is the freelance paid?

9-From the time the project is finished, how long does the recruiter have to pay? (The risk is that the recruiter picks up a completed project but does not pay)

10-Does the PayPal adaptive Payments System offer financial or legal guarantees to both freelance (if not payment) and to the company (if Project not delivered)?

Regards, William