Is there a lightweight Windows SDK core?

I need to compile the C++ source code of a version of Python DB API for IBM DB2:

I am new to this and according to the readme, I need to first download

  1. Visual C++ 2003 (isnt it a too old version!?),
  2. Platform SDK lastest version (i think its changed to Windows SDK and for I have Win10, i consider to download Windows 10 SDK),
  3. .NET SDK Version 1.1

When I tried to download Win10 SDK, I saw that its 2.4GB!! Too heavy and I won't use it for more than these kind of compilations. Is there a lightweight core of it? And is this .NET SDK means .NET Framework SDK?

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  • answered 2017-06-17 19:00 Michaël Roy

    If you need the windows 10 SDK. I recommend you use vs2017. MS's new licensing scheme makes it free for most of us mere mortals. :)

    It installs in a bit less time than VS2013. It also includes some tools for python. And comes with the win10 SDK.

    And no, MS does not provide any lite SDKs.