Visual Studio 2017 _wingpio

I'm trying since about a week to make Visual Studio work together with my raspberry pi 3, using Python

After a lot of trouble installing VS 2017, rumbling and trying, I finnaly got to a stable point where Python seems to work. I have installed the VS 2017 Community Preview which is more stable than the release.

I have had the same problem in both VS version, final build or Preview, same combat... I cannot make it understand what _wingpio is. Whatever I try always ends up with a "_wingpio unknown" when trying to import it

What I have done so far:

  • Installed VS
  • Added IoT packages
  • Added the "pyuwpsdk.vsix" package
  • (PTVS is not needed anymore for VS 2017)
  • On my new Python project I edited my project.pyproj and added references to my downloaded pywindevices because you can't add them from within VS. This should contain _wingpio.
  • Added authorisation to the appmanifest for low level hardware access
  • Rebuilt Intellisense database

Now, When I code, VS tells me it doesn't know about _wingpio. But when I deploy to my Raspberry, it just works. My leds shine, my buttons react, my 14 segment led display works etc etc.

So where's the problem then? Well, I'm lazy, or too became too dependent over the years on autocompletion and smart code help. Of course I am! I can't remember 2k functions by heart and just write them like that ;)

Did anybody ever manage to make it work?