MySQL backup file includes HTML tags

I'm trying to download the Drupal 7 database from production server. Unfortunately, It's showing HTML tags in last of the file.

    <!-- PMA-SQL-ERROR -->
        <div class="error"><h1>Error</h1>
    <p><strong>SQL query:</strong>
    <a href="tbl_sql.php?sql_query=SHOW+TABLE+STATUS+FROM+%60i2819657_drup1%60+LIKE+%27login_destination%27&amp;show_query=1&amp;db=i2819657_drup1&amp;table=login_destination&amp;token=98a3c2701c0cfec8e0843f05dc044f9e"><span class="nowrap"><img src="themes/dot.gif" title="Edit" alt="Edit" class="icon ic_b_edit" /> Edit</span></a>    </p>
    <span class="syntax"><span class="inner_sql"><a href="./url.php?;token=98a3c2701c0cfec8e0843f05dc044f9e" target="mysql_doc"><span class="syntax_alpha syntax_alpha_reservedWord">SHOW</span></a>  <span class="syntax_alpha syntax_alpha_reservedWord">TABLE</span>  <span class="syntax_alpha syntax_alpha_reservedWord">STATUS</span>  <span class="syntax_alpha syntax_alpha_reservedWord">FROM</span>  <span class="syntax_quote syntax_quote_backtick">`i2819657_drup1`</span>  <a href="./url.php?;token=98a3c2701c0cfec8e0843f05dc044f9e" target="mysql_doc"><span class="syntax_alpha syntax_alpha_reservedWord">LIKE</span></a>  <span class="syntax_quote syntax_quote_single">'login_destination'</span></span></span>
        <strong>MySQL said: </strong><a href="./url.php?;token=98a3c2701c0cfec8e0843f05dc044f9e" target="mysql_doc"><img src="themes/dot.gif" title="Documentation" alt="Documentation" class="icon ic_b_help" /></a>
    #2006 - MySQL server has gone away
    </code><br />

Can anyone please hep me on it?

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  • answered 2017-06-17 19:06 Saeed Afzal

    I found the solution by myself.

    1. Create php5.ini file in root of your web hosting cPanel account.
    2. Put this line in that file.

      mysql.connect_timeout = 120

    3. Now logout your cPanel account and login again.

    4. Go to PhpMyAdmin to export the backup file and download.
    5. Once downloaded. Open this file in any text editor and page down to end to verify if there are not HTML tags. It means problem fixed.