Drop Down Menu in c# (position and use)

For my project in school, I have to create a window and program that has a menu, and for the menu, I need to have a drop down menu. The drop down menu works and all, however, I cannot seem to get it to go into the lower part of my window. Here is my code:

    var MenuWindow = new Form();
    MenuWindow.Height = 300;
    MenuWindow.Width = 300;
    MenuWindow.Text = "Menu";

    ToolBarButton Numbers = new ToolBarButton("Number of players");                         
    ToolBar DropDownMenu = new ToolBar();                                           
    MenuItem menuItem1 = new MenuItem("1");
    MenuItem menuItem2 = new MenuItem("2");                             
    ContextMenu ContentsOfMenu = new ContextMenu(new MenuItem[] { menuItem1, menuItem2 });
    Numbers.Style = ToolBarButtonStyle.DropDownButton;
    Numbers.DropDownMenu = ContentsOfMenu;
    DropDownMenu.Left = 95;
    DropDownMenu.Top = 215;
    DropDownMenu.Width = 100;
    DropDownMenu.Height = 10;



As you can see I have tried to add the Height, Width, Left and Top coordinates. However, this has done no difference to where the position of this drop down menu. I have used a ToolBar and a ToolStrip and the result is the same; I cannot move the position of the button/drop down menu.

Also if you have any suggestions on how to improve my code, please do as I am new to this part of c#.