how do I activate interactive python help in visual studio like in spyder

I'd like to get automatic context help in VS2017, similar to what is displayed inside spyder, when I click on an object that has help for it in the python manuals. I's this possible? interactive window example from spyder I'm looking for a window that is part of the IDE, and not a pop-up that is shown when "." is pressed

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  • answered 2017-06-17 19:09 NickD

    You can hover your mouse over an object or method to see a tooltip of it.

    You can also use the dot operator(.) to bring up intellisense for a list of properties and methods. If intellisense doesn't immediately pop up after pressing the . key, you can also press ctrl+space to force it open.

    Lastly, you can press F12 with your cursor in an object, method or variable to go to its definition.