REST API interface to neo4j-shell

I realize that one can use the neo4j-shell command to connect to a remote database via,

neo4j-shell -host <host>

but this requires installing the Neo4j server locally to obtain the binary and thus I was wondering whether there's a way to communicate to a remote host to run shell commands via a REST API?

It seems this functionality may have previously existed according to this post, though I believe this is for Neo4j v2.x whereas we're using Neo4j v3.1.3.

Note I know that the neo4j-shell command is being deprecated however we're using neo4j-shell-tools for binary import/export which only works with the neo4j-shell. For context we have a Python Flask app which connects to a remote Neo4j database though would like to add a shell command to populate the remote database from a binary dump.