How to run laravel migrations without artisan (using code)

I recently hosted a laravel project (for a customer) on shared hosting, after failed attempts to get access to the server via ssh I contacted the host who informed me that ssh service was not available for my customers hosting plan, that means I have no access to terminal and can't use artisan. I know how to write a php script that will create sql tables but just before that I was wondering if theres a shortcut to this with laravel since the migrations(tables) are already defined. What I want is like to create a route to do the job! Thanks in advance

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  • answered 2017-06-17 19:40 Chris

    You can easily create a small Artisan script within PHP like this:


    This equals php artisan migrate. Use it anywhere you want to run your migrations.

    If you are in production mode (if APP_ENV=production inside your .env file) then you would have to force the migration in case you want to allow to make changes. You can do it as follows:

    Artisan::call('migrate', ["--force"=> true ]);

    This equals of adding the --force flag a la php artisan migrate --force.

    To answer your specific question though, create a route like this:

    Route::get('/run-migrations', function () {
        return Artisan::call('migrate', ["--force"=> true ]);

    If you are interested in creating a web installer, you might be interested in this package:

    Check out the code to see how he handles migrations and seeds etc.