Realtime Mesh Reconstruction on iOS

A few older questions—like this one from 2014—have been asked without answers so I'm reviving this now.

The Problem

Given a 3D point cloud which is updated frequently, I'd like to reconstruct the surface mesh using any of the mesh algorithms I've read about—e.g. 3D Delaunay, Poisson etc. Said algorithms produce great results, but I've only seen them work on PCs for static output; and I'd like to perform surface mesh reconstruction dynamically on an iOS device (iPad firstly) at a high frame rate with a fairly small data set (about a few hundred points).

Potential Solutions

I understand that 3D mesh reconstruction is currently a scholarly research topic without a simple solution. A few 3rd party libraries have caught my attention.

Firstly, CGAL has a multitude of surface mesh reconstruction libraries that I'd like to explore but I'm not sure how to run them on iOS. Anyone from CGAL able to address this? Much appreciated :)

Secondly, I did find a 2D triangulation lib that works well enough but it requires me to parameterize my 3D points into 2D which has it's own set of problems. Any information about libraries that do parameterization of 3D->2D points would be helpful.

Thank you all!