Why ClientRequest.* and storage.* metrics are not reported with builtin ConsoleReporter in DSE Cassandra?

I am trying to get the metrics from DSE Cassandra(dse: 5.1.0, Cassandra : using builtin reporters like ConsoleReporter. I could able to get all the metrics except the metrics under ClientRequest.* and Storage.* even though I have reads/writes to this cluster . The only metric under ClientRequest.* group is org.apache.cassandra.metrics.ClientRequest.ViewPendingMutations.ViewWrite

I tried with different reporter config, but no luck and I didn't find any JIRA associated to this as well. The same behavior with StatsD Reporter as well.

Here is the reporter config with wildcard whitelist

console: -

outfile: '/tmp/metrics.out' period: 10 timeunit: 'SECONDS' predicate: color: "white" useQualifiedName: true patterns: - ".*"

Both the ClientRequest and Storage metrics are critical for me . Is any body has any pointers why I am not getting these metrics? I appreciate any insights on resolving this issue.