How do I use bat script as Chrome Native Messaging Host?

I know what the first response will be but my requirement is minimal and writing a script for that would be an overkill. All I want is to run a system command and send its output to the extension.
Here is what I have tried

@echo off
:: my code
goto strt

Doesn't work. The above code give me an error message Error when communicating with the native messaging host.

Following example Here

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  • answered 2017-08-15 10:04 allsyed

    It turns out that .bat doesn't fulfil requirements for chrome native messaging host . My requirement from host was simple and using either python or c++ would be too much.I have opted for powershell to accomplish the task.

    here is the powershell version

    try {
    $reader = New-Object System.IO.BinaryReader([System.Console]::OpenStandardInput())
    $len = $reader.ReadInt32()
    $buf = $reader.ReadBytes($len)
    $msg = [System.Text.Encoding]::UTF8.GetString($buf)
    $nets = ConvertFrom-Csv (getmac /fo CSV /v)
    # you get the point.
    Response @{mac = $mac} }

    Answering my own question and hoping it would help some in future.