Change Color of Scatter3d in Canvasxpress using R

In the first example of this website (, there's a 3d scatterplot made with canvasxpress package using R.

Just copying and pasting the code you can easily get the results on the example...

data <- t(iris[,1:4])
varAnnot <- as.matrix(iris[,5])
colnames(varAnnot) <- "Species"
canvasXpress(t(data), varAnnot=varAnnot, graphType='Scatter3D', colorBy='Species')

I'm wondering if there's a way to pass within the canvasXpress(t(data), varAnnot=varAnnot, graphType='Scatter3D', colorBy='Species') an argument like:

canvasXpress(t(data), varAnnot=varAnnot, graphType='Scatter3D', colorBy='Species', colors="rgb(153,204,255)","rgb(204,102,0)","rgb(153,76,0)","rgb(169,131,7)","rgb(153,255,153)","rgb(105,150,150)","rgb(183,120,68)","rgb(131,172,208)","rgb(194,224,118)","rgb(250,220,90)","rgb(255,84,159)","rgb(255,175,84)","rgb(154,184,183)","rgb(210,166,131)","rgb(61,105,155)","rgb(135,172,34)","rgb(205,169,8)","rgb(208,33,88)","rgb(208,115,0)","rgb(86,118,118)")

In order to change the colors of the points in the graph...

I've tried to change in the menubar of the html generated...specifically on colors arguments (setting a new array of RGB colors), and then ctrl + alt + R to reproduce the changes...but nothing happened...

Any thoughts about it?