Accessing the profile information of facebook through Django-Allauth

I am trying to display the complete profile of the authenticated user on my webpage using Django-allauth and Django 1.11.5.

I am currently using a simple template as following:



 Welcome back {{ user.first_name }}
 <img src="{{cover.source}}" height="60" width="60">

<a href="/">Home</a>



Here the image tag is not getting the data. Hence, getting a broken image. But I am wondering how I can use the Django Library and access the complete profile information of the visitor who get authenticated using the Django-Allauthlibrary.

Here is the of my application:--


LOGIN_REDIRECT_URL = '/facebook_personality_traits/'
    'facebook': {
        'SCOPE': ['email', 'user_posts', 'user_photos'],
        'METHOD': 'js_sdk',
        'FIELDS': [

        'EXCHANGE_TOKEN': True,
        'VERIFIED_EMAIL': True,
        'VERSION': 'v2.10',

Kindly, help me. There are many misconceptions I am facing in the usage of the Django-Allauth. I specifically wants to access the Profile URL, Profile Picture, Posts, about me, etc.

My Facebook Application has access to many scope, hence there is no problem for this, but the implementation of the library is restricting me from the usage. Kindly, help me.

If the above issue is not possible to crack, then kindly, let me know the possible way to get the access token using the django-allauth.