User form that allows me to verify info in a table Access

I am trying to create a user form that will return information based on the bar-code i type in and allow me to make sure the prices are matching and then add one to the amount column not sure whether i should use access or excell and how to go about it

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  • answered 2017-10-11 09:59 xeno234

    While your question is a little lacking in detail, I think what you are asking is whether you should use Access or Excel for something like this. In this case, since it is a price checking tool and inventory editor, I would recommend Access. This is because it is easier for users to "break" the Excel form (accidentally overwrite a price, delete a product bar code,etc) than in Access. I am just learning access myself, but it should be possible to create a query that checks an entered barcode and price and checks it against a table. Similarly, it should be possible to create a query that edits the number of a barcode in stock. Good Luck!