VSTest.Console.exe /Logger Questions

I am trying to setup an automatic test suite for our test projects and I was looking into vstest.console.exe. I first tried to use MSTest.exe but it had some quirks that I could not fix and since it is supposed to be deprecated anyway I decided to give vstest.console.exe a try. So far so good but I have 2 minor issues.

  1. How can I get the regular console output when adding the /Logger:trx option? I tried adding another /Logger:Console but that did not help. I also could not find anything in the documentation about that. Is there a way to get both the trx output and the standard console output for vstest.console.exe? I want the default output that you would get if you would not attache a logger.

  2. Is there a way how to specify where the trx file is being stored? I have basically no idea right now where this trx file is supposed to be after I run my tests. Since I don't get anything on the console I don't actually even know whether it was created at all or not. The only console information I get when adding the trx logger is the Microsoft copyright header.

These things might be completely trivial but I have to say, the documentation of vstest.console.exe is very minimal.