Applying Swift Equatables to anchors

Please note: Although this question involves Apple's ARKit, it's really a pure Swift question at heart, and as such, should be answer-able by any Swift gurus regardless of their familiarity with ARKit!

I am brand new to Swift and am playing around with the ARKit API and just want to sanity check my understanding of the Equatable protocol:

According to ARPlaneAnchor's documentation, it extends another class called ARAnchor, which appears to implement the Equatable protocol. I believe this means that I can write code like so:

var anchor1 : ARPlaneAnchor = getRandomAnchor()
var anchor2 : ARPlaneAnchor = getRandomAnchor() // could return same as before!

if(anchor1 == anchor2) {
    // This only executes IF anchor1 and anchor2 refer to the
    // same actual anchor (position in the world)...

Am I correct in my understanding of the Swift documentation, behavior of Equatable and usage of the == operator? Or have I gone horribly awry? Thanks in advance!