Where does the value of 'Last changed on/by' is stored for any element in 'se11' (Inside attributes tab) in SAP ABAP

Underlined the value i need to find

I want to find out 'last changed on/by' for a large number of elements going in 'se11' and checking it's attribute value . So instead of copying each elements name and checking it's attribute for the same value, is there any table or database in which i can get the values for multiple entries at once? Picture is attached in the question for the reference.

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  • answered 2017-10-11 10:02 vwegert

    With the cursor placed in the field you're interested in, press F1, then select the technical info. This will show you the table name or - as in this case - a structure named RSDXX, which is not what you're looking for - but it is the fastest way in some cases.

    Alternatively, start transaction ST05, enable the SQL trace and navigate to the display in a separate window. Then stop the trace and examine it - you will find a list of all tables accessed for the process. Very near the top of the trace list, you will find a table named DD02L which is the one you're looking for in this case.