Handling Outlook meeting room no shows

I am looking to crate and application that integrates with Outlook to handle the below scenario.

In our organisation we book meeting room with the help of outlook. We use New Meeting option to search for available meeting rooms.

The problem is Most of the people book the meeting rooms and sometimes they do not use them. This is causing problem to other employees who need meeting rooms.

I am looking to develop an application or outlook extension where a person who booked a meeting room gets reminder about the meeting room booked just before 15 mins prior to the meeting.

If he does not acknowledge after 3 reminders I want to cancel the room booked.

Can you please suggest how to implement this solution ?

  • How can I get the list of meeting rooms booked.
  • How to send reminders to person who booked the room
  • How can I implement track that the person has acknowledged the reminders
  • How to cancel the meeting room when the person does not acknowledge the reminders.

Other solutions are also welcome. I don't want to use any third party solutions.