Esper 6.1.0 out of memory

  1. Iam using Esper to get the count of vehicles from a traffic stream for 1 min running window,
  2. It is working fine, iam able to get the count based on the grouping of sensor, vehicle type and direction.
  3. It runs for a day but at the end of the day it gives out of memory, can you please help us resolving this. 4.I have used @Hint to reclaim, please suggest if the EPL has to be changed

Info: a) Esper version : 6.1.0, not the Enterprise Edition b) JDK: 1.8 c) OS: RHEL 7.0 d) EPL: @Hint('reclaim_group_aged=60,reclaim_group_freq=5') select max(time) as time, event_name, object_class, object_id, world_position, provider, tenant, speed, count(time) as vehicle_count, sum(speed) as avg_speed, sensityScope as scope_id, sensityLane as lane, suportedBearing as bearing, objectType as object_type, pomLatitude as pom_latitude, pomLongitude as pom_longitude, refSpeed as ref_speed, sid, geoPoint, roadClass from minute) group by sensityScope, object_class, event_name, suportedBearing