CSS select object between two <br>

Very very new to CSS and HTML language, I might say a lot of non-sense. And I really can't find the answer that I'm look for. I think it's because I don't know how to search correctly... lacking of vocabulary...So please forgive me. So I'm doing some web scraping on R with rvest package. I want to select the line between two br lines as follow :

<div class="description">
   <a href= "blabla" title ="a wonderful apple cultivated by snow 
   white herself" data-position = "1">  
   <span class="origine"> snow white</span>    
    "a wonderful apple cultivated by snow white herself"
    <span class="price">€5,000</span>
    <br class="clearboth">
    <span class="slug"> Exclusivité</span>

So I'm basically trying to extract the line "a wonderful apple cultivated by snow white herself" not int the title but between the two lines of br... I tried to use the following code in R

description_node_html <- html_nodes(page,"br *")
description_node_html <- html_nodes(page,"br~br")
description_node_html <- html_nodes(page,"div br")

or even this one inspired by a research result

description_node_html <- html_nodes(page,"('br').nextUntil('br')") 

Unfortunately non of them work. At the best I selected empty spaces... So would you please tell me how to select this line between two lines of br please ? Thanks a lot