Hover Text over fill area Python plotly

I have a plot of digital signals. I am trying to shade in certain ‘stages’ of the process that I am recording. I have tried reading through the documentaion and haven’t found a straight forward answer to the following questions.

1) First and formost: Can you add hovertext to the fill area? When the cursor is over the ‘Green’ area, I want the cursor box to say “Stage 0”. Here is my code for trying to accomplish this:

    x = [points['A'][0], points['B'][0]], 
    y = [1,1], 
    mode = 'line', 
    line = dict(width=0.2, color='rgb(0, 190, 0)'), 
    fill = 'tozeroy',
    hoveron = "fills",
    hovertext = "Stage 0",
    showlegend = False)
for i in range(Num_Channels):

2) How can I get rid of the end points of each line? To me, they are distracting from the information I have trying to portray. I have tried mode = ‘none’, but that apparently takes away my ability to control the color of the fill.

3) Is there a way to adjust the opaqueness of the fill? I would like to make it a little lighter. Thanks

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