How to bind a JSON Array to SAPUI5 GeoMap control to show spots

I need to show different spots on a map in SAPUI5. We are using the SAPUI5 GeoMap control. I can add single spots to the map with the code below. But my final service will send up a JSON Array with spots.

The following code adds a single spot on the map:

oGeoMap.addVo( new sap.ui.vbm.Spots({ 
                items: [
                     new sap.ui.vbm.Spot({ 
                         text: "8",
                         position: "-1.1615;45.2679;0", 
                         type: "Inactive", 
                         tooltip: "Address 1"

Now a JSON array of spots should be shown on the map. But nothing happens when using this code:

var oData = {
  Spots: [{
    "value": "8",
    "pos": "-1.1615;45.2679;0",
    "tooltip": "Address 1",
    "type": "Inactive"
  }, {
    "value": "23",
    "pos": "-1.0653;45.1991;0",
    "tooltip": "Address 2",
    "type": "Error"
  }, {
    "value": "2",
    "pos": "-0.8229;45.1491;0",
    "tooltip": "Address 3",
    "type": "Success"

var oModel = new sap.ui.model.json.JSONModel();
oModel.setData( oData );
oGeoMap.addVo( new sap.ui.vbm.Spots({
       items: { 
            path : "/Spots",
            template: new sap.ui.vbm.Spot(  { text: "{value}", position: "{pos}", tooltip: "{tooltip}", type: "{type}"}  )
        } } ));