is it possible to change color/font on specific text in TextArea?

I have a TextArea element in my SAPUI5 app to let the users paste data into. They copy the data from Excel and paste it into the TextArea, the data is 3 cols by x rows. Once they click a button I grab the data and check for any errors found. What I want to do is: highlight(or something else) the specific set of data that contains the error so they know what to fix. Currently I'm adding text next to the row to show where to look at, but this can create a lot of confusion for the user.

These are my code snippets XML View

<FlexBox direction="Column" alignItems="Center">
            <Label text="Paste excel data inside box below (don't enter column headers)" design="Bold" required="true"/>
            <TextArea id="input" rows="30" cols="80" />
            <Button id="processBtn" text="Process" press="onProcess"/>
            <Button id="clearBtn" text="Clear" press="onClear"/>

Code to update TextArea with errors after errors have been found

displayInputErrors: function(faultyRows){        
        var inputText = "";

        for(var i=0; i<data.length; i++){
            if(faultyRows.indexOf(i) != -1)
                inputText += data[i].NSN + "\t" + data[i].QTY + "\t" + data[i].PRICE +" *** Row("+(i+1)+")\n";  
                inputText += data[i].NSN + "\t" + data[i].QTY + "\t" + data[i].PRICE +"\n";


This is what data looks like now once updated. 1234566 line 234 123455 frts 2-43 ***Row(2) 1234566 line 234 12345a5 frts 243 ***Row(4) 1234566 line 234 123455 frts 243

One problem with this is that the user needs to also remove "***Row(x)" besides fixing the problem. If they leave anything behind it will be flagged as having an error. Any pointers in the right direction would be appreciated.