@Autowire on @Configurable working on local machine but not working on others

I have quite strange problem. Namely I'm using aspectjweaver to inject spring beans into Vaadin windows. Everything is working fine when we are deploying app by Intellij to our local Tomcats on Win machines, but when Jenkins deploys app for our test server (unix) autowired beans suddenly becomes null. Does anyone have an idea what we may have done wrong? Below configuration:

Configuration Class:

@EnableLoadTimeWeaving(aspectjWeaving = EnableLoadTimeWeaving.AspectJWeaving.ENABLED)
@ComponentScan(basePackages = {"..."})
public class VaadinConfiguration extends WebMvcConfigurerAdapter {

Class with error:

public class MyVaadinWindow {

    protected MyService myService;

    void myMethod() {
        myService.doSth(); \\ here I'm getting NPE




I thought about changing from LTW to CTW but I'm getting some errors trying to combine it with Lombok which is also used in this project.

@Edit I have managed to switch to Compile time weaving. I didn't expect it to work but somehow that fixed my problem. Anyway that is not the desired solution so I will wait for some other ides how to fix it while holding to LWT.