Grid filled by a data provider: how to trigger an action after refreshment?

In Vaadin 8.2, I have a Grid bound to a bean using a data provider (AbstractBackEndDataProvider). Data is fetched from a DB, filters are applied:

Grid grid = new Grid<>();
grid.setDataProvider(dataProvider.withConfigurableFilter()); // dataProvider derives from AbstractBackEndDataProvider<T,F>

The essential flow is the following: user inputs an item id in a form and submits, a submit event listener gets the user input, creates a new filter and updates the data provider:

filterSubmitButton.addClickListener(event -> {
    try {
        ItemListFilter filter = new ItemListFilter(
            itemFilter.getValue(), // itemFilter = new TextField();
    } catch (ValidationException e) {

When the data provider gets the filter updated it calls a service to fetch new items from DB with the filter applied (to the DB query). Vaadin takes care of refreshing the Grid with new data afterwards.

What I want is to have a callback at this last moment. Say an use case would be to check if a filtered fetched result set contains only one item, to select this item in the Grid (which in its turn will trigger an event showing item details in another pane). Or to select the first grid row after initial list is loaded

But the problem is that there is neither grid.addRefreshListener() nor dataProvider.addRefreshmentListener(). Any other listeners do not seem to apply in this case.

Thanks for any help in advance.