Adding Projects to Visual Studio Code sln and execute them

I'm executing the following sequence to create my projects inside a solution in Visual Studio Code / Net Core 2.0 / CLI:

dotnet new sln -n mySystem

dotnet new mvc -n mySystemWebApp -o mySystemWebApp

dotnet sln add  mySystemWebApp/mySystemWebApp.csproj

dotnet build

Works fine: no errors

if I change to directory mySystemWebApp and execute dotnet run everything works fine when I look in my browser for localhost:5000

but if I execute dotnet run -p mySystemWebApp/mySystemWebApp.csproj the procedure fails:

fail: Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc.ViewFeatures.Internal.ViewResultExecutor[3]
      The view 'Index' was not found. Searched locations: /Views/Home/Index.cshtml, /Views/Shared/Index.cshtml

What I'm doing wrong? Where do I configure the paths?