Secure Login System project

Since I creating a login system i want to ask some opinions about the things you guys use for safely login into accounts, websites, forums/fora, developer apps, git, server, cloud, IRC.

Basic things i wanna know is : - You like one login for multiple things like OpenID. - You like user/pass login, email/pass login, google link/ 2 factor Auth. - You like using password managers. - You care about the privacy? In terms of IP, location, cookie, etc

Also say it from a user perspective and a developer perspective.

I didn't mention all the possibilities, but feel free to add your 2 cent if you feel like mention anything.

I know this question goes into the guidelines about asking a question, but i wanna know some real opinions and think together with capable developers. So please don´t immediately downvote this question if you notice that. Since i wanna ask this question here and not on a regular forum.

For Me at the moment i like login with 2 factor Auth. I don´t like to let the browser remember my login credentials, and i dont like cookies.

I do like the hardware login, a way of logging in with a encrypted usb that stores your credentials.

What is in your opinion the most secure Login System at the moment ?

Im not talking about online banking because this requires another path.

Again don´t just downvote without any good reason if you feel this question is inappropriate.

If i get enough feedback i will keep this post updated with my progress and start writing about my ideas. If you feel like help building this project feel free to contact me.

Also i want to mention one thing for the moderators. Maybe its a good idea to add a Project area above next to Question, Developer Jobs. To put these kind of Topics in there, not to code but just to keep the interested updated and ask feedback.