Dynamic blaze template with dynamic data not working

I am developing an app using Meteor-1.6+Blaze+materialize and create a multiple modal template for example aModal, bModal, cModal..etc and calling these template into main template on buttons click using ReactiveVar.

this.modalTemplate = new ReactiveVar(false);
this.modalData = new ReactiveVar({});

{{> Template.dynamic template=getModalTemplate data=getModalData }} 

DynamicModalTemplate & modalData are helpers that provide dynamically selected modal template and data for modal.


getModalTemplate() {
        return Template.instance().modalTemplate.get() || '';
getModalData () {
        return Template.instance().modalData.get() || '';


'click #carModalTrigger' (event, inst) {        
        import ('./cars.js').then(() => {
            Meteor.setTimeout(() => {
            }, 200)

    'click #brandingSectionTrigger' (event, inst) {
        import ('./bikes.js').then(() => {

            Meteor.setTimeout(() => {
            }, 200)

modalData is updating dynamically but modal showing old data, like when i open cars modal it showing correct data but after closing it if modalData is updated and i again open cars modal it showing me old data not updated one.

It showing updated data when i open Bikes modal and close it, now again open Cars modal will displaying updated data.

Please guide me how i can load updated data whenever i open the modal.