Android Studio keeps building old version

it's been ages since I updated my app to the Play Store so possibly I'm skipping something simple but I've updated my code and my build gradle

    versionCode 15 //increased from v 14
    versionName "1.34" // increased from 1.33

But whenever it builds, it's building me a version from 27 September 2017 (possibly the last time I updated the app)

Build 27/09/17

I've tried cleaning and rebuilding but I'm still getting the old version compiled.

Any possible solutions?

1 answer

  • answered 2018-01-14 12:43 Levi Albuquerque

    Check if your build is being completed correctly, because it has happened to me once that it didn't warn me that there was an error in one of my classes and it simply built the last correct version.