TypeScript: How to handle this case without 'any' type declaration? Element implicitly has an 'any' type because type 'Object' has no index signature

I'm having JSON data source as like below,

var datasource = [{name: 'x', age: 20, address: 'yyyy'},
                  {name: 's', age: 30, address: 'zzzz'}]

in this fields(name, age, address) will be dynamically changed as per the user. Here i want to iterating the records and its values.

I am trying like this and facing exception,

let keys: Object[] = Object.keys(datasource[0]);
let dlen: number = datasource.length as number;
while (dlen--) {
    let kLn: number = keys.length;
    while (kLn--) {
        let key: string = keys[kLn] as string;
        let isPropContains: boolean = false;
        let value: string;
        if(datasource[dlen][key]) {
             isPropContains = true;
             value = datasource[dlen][key] as string;

Here, how can i access object property (datasource[dlen][key]) like we accessing in javascript index type?

Note: I want to achieve this without using type 'any' and 'eval' in typescript. Need strongly typed.

I have checked this How do I dynamically assign properties to an object in TypeScript? but it doest satisfied my requirement. Because they using 'any' type, i want to achieve without using 'any' or 'eval'.