Running Django on a Linux Server using Apache with HTTPS

I've been trying to figure this out for a while now and nothing I've found has really been helping.

I've got a remote Linux server running with Apache installed, and right now everything going to the server is redirected to HTTPS through Apache. This all works fine and I can access the files I need to normally, but now I'd like to also add in a Django site to my server under a new "subdomain". (For example I'd like to still be able to access non-Django files as usual '' and also be able to access the Django site like '')

Could someone please give me some direction as to how I'd be able to do this? I can supply more information if it's needed.

Thanks in advance!

Edit 1: The Django server seems to dislike connecting via HTTPS and I'm getting an error that it can only support HTTP, but I need it because I want the site to be secure, and currently Apache is redirecting all HTTP requests to HTTPS, so do I need some other method of making it work?

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