EF Core - SqLite database generated on build

I am working on an .Net Core 2 project and we are using EF Core 2 attached to a SQLite database. To manage the database I am using the Package Manager Console in VS2017 and Entity Framework Powershell command

But something odd is happening, when I run the command Update-Migration after create the first Migration I get this message :

No migrations were applied. The database is already up to date.

I can assure that after the Add-Migration initial command, the database is created but is empty. It is like the Add-Migration after building automot

It also happens if I call remove-migration and after deleting the database does not exist, it creates the database and applies the migration resulting in the following error

The migration '20180119145716_Initial' has already been applied to the database. Revert it and try again. If the migration has been applied to other databases, consider reverting its changes using a new migration.

If i call Update-Database 0 to restore the database in its original state it unapplies the migration but then the Remove-Migration reapplies the last migration and therefore I can't delete the previous Migration

Am I missing something ? Is there an option that allows to create the database automatically and applied migrations automatically ?