Meshlab Parameterization + Texture from registered rasters crashes every time

I've been trying to do some photogrammetry using visualsfm and meshlab.

So far, the visualsfm works astoundingly, and can generate point clouds very easily. But meshlab, this is where the problems start flooding in.

I usually start by importing the point cloud, cleaning up the excess vertices, and then go and generate the geometry. Once the geometry has been generated, I go and remove any faces that are abnormal and not what I want, then I issue the remove manifold edges algorithm. Once all of that is done, I try and export both the mesh, and the texture image file which is generated from the photos in which I took. Once I issue the Parameterization + Texture from registered rasters, note that I only ask for a resolution of 2048, it ends up freezing after about 5 seconds of rough GPU usage, and shows (Not Responding).

I do not really know how to fix this problem, I wish to create my own assets in which don't require expensive monthly payments for Pro software (Come on, I'm literally a college student without that kind of funds).

I am running windows 10 1607 Intel I7-7700 3.60 GHZ 16 GB of ram 64 bit

I am using around 140 images, But I have seen other people on youtube use much more without any problems.

If anyone can help me fix this problem, or show me another mesh editing software in which does the same work, please let me know.