Is it possible to create simple frontend for use with Virtocommerce without writing liquid pages

I am evaluating Virtocommerce for a small startup company. We only have a few products and would like to make use of VC's user and payment modules instead of creating a website ourselves from scratch. We are familiar with mvc, angularjs and RestAPI. However, we would rather not learn and use the liquid theme engine if all possible.

So the question is, is it possible/a good idea to simply create a angularjs web app and call storefront's RestAPI? Please advice. Thanks.

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  • answered 2018-02-13 01:31 tatarincev

    Yes, of course, it is possible, you even can exclude VirtoCommerce.LiquidThemeEngine project from storefront solution and use ASP.NET razor views for the rendering SEO critical pages and use client SPA for another kind of presentation logic.

    We have some clients who use this kind of storefront implementation (without Liquid themes) but unfortunately, I couldn't provide any of these examples because they aren't in a public access.

    If you will have more questions you might ask them in our community chat gitter VirtoCommerce/vc-platform