VBA (macros ) query

PayLoad = "{""index"":""quality_intelligence_completed_count"",""ignore_unavailable"":true}"
PayLoad = PayLoad & Chr(10)
PayLoad = PayLoad & "{""size"":5000,""sort"":[{""end_date"":{""order"":""desc"",""unmapped_type"":""boolean""}}],""query"":{""filtered"":{""query"":{""query_string"":{""analyze_wildcard"":true,""query"":""*""}},""filter"":{""bool"":{""must"":[{""query"":{""match"":{""work_reason"":{""query"":""IRDR"",""type"":""phrase""}}}},{""query"":{""match"":{""warehouse_id"":{""query"":""TEB6"",""type"":""phrase""}}}},{""range"":{""end_date"":{""gte"":"

I want to link cell with TEB6 , so that whenever i change value in the cell TEB6 also changes . for example - if i enter CHM1 in the cell then TEB6 should become CMH1 .

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  • answered 2018-02-13 01:32 jsotola

    for example, if you want to link cell B2, go to cell TEB6 and enter this formula =B2.

    that is it

    any value that you enter in cell B2 will also show up in cell TEB6.