Codename One - Color of a pressed button on iOS

I have the following very simple code:

    Form hi = new Form("Hi World", BoxLayout.y());
    Button button = new Button("Click me", "MyButtonUIID");

The following code is my theme.xml:

<resource majorVersion="1" minorVersion="9" useXmlUI="false">
    <theme name="Theme">
        <val key="@includeNativeBool" value="true" />
        <val key="MyButtonUIID.bgColor" value="ff3300" />
        <val key="" value="ff66" />
        <val key="" value="255" />
        <val key="MyButtonUIID.sel#bgColor" value="ff66" />
        <val key="MyButtonUIID.sel#transparency" value="255" />
        <val key="MyButtonUIID.transparency" value="255" />

On every Android version from 4.4 to 8 (and in the Simulator with Android and iPhone skins) I get a red button that becomes green while it's pressed (during all the time that it's pressed). On every iOS version from 8 to 11 I get a button that is always red (or sometimes it becomes green for a very very short moment).

So... how can I get in iOS the same behavior of Android and of the Simulator? Am I missing something or is it a bug?