How do I replace csv value with json value using RegEx?

I have a CSV file and a JSON file and I want to make a leaflet map. This will later be used for my leaflet map. So, the CSV file contains latitude and longitude for the map. The JSON file contains the information for each feature and will be shown on the popup. They both have a field containing city code named "kd_kabupaten".

Here is the example of the data:

  • JSON file

    "id": "99992",
    "tgl_pengumuman": "2016-11-30",
    "hasil_lelang": "5327428260",
    "nama_satker": "-",
    "nama_paket": "Sewa Jaringan Komunikasi Data Utama, Redundance dan Manage Service Tahun Anggaran 2017",
    "nama_pemenang": "PT. TELEKOMUNIKASI INDONESIA, TBK",
    "npwp_pemenang": "",
    "nama_kabupaten": "Semarang (Kota)",
    "kd_kabupaten": "14804",
    "nama_propinsi": "Jawa Tengah",
    "skor_total": "20",
    "koordinat_longitude": null,
    "koordinat_latitude": null,
    "status": null,
    "gambar": null,
    "feedback": null


  • CSV file

    nama_kabupaten;nama_kabupaten_CAPS;kd_kabupaten;lintang;bujur Semarang;SEMARANG;14807;-7.20216;110.45146

How do I replace the city code in the JSON file with the coordinate value in the CSV file (the lintang and bujur field, lintang for latitude and bujur for longitude) using RegEx?