Use any version of Crystal Reports installed on client computer

Since I've upgraded my project to the latest Crystal Reports runtimes (v 13_0_21), whenever I try to deploy my app on a Windows 7 machine (either an upgrade for an existing user or a new one entirely) about 75% of the time, the Crystal runtimes won't install. This has apparently been a known issue for years with installing their runtime on certain machines, but it's never been this bad before. When I had a previous version (13_0_17) installing with the project, it was very rare that I experienced this problem with any of the installs, but now it's very rare that I DON'T experience it on any Windows 7 machines.

Is there any way that I can configure my application so that if they already have any version of Crystal 13.x, my app can still run AND still use the latest runtimes on my development machine? Because installing v13.0.21 automatically uninstalls previous versions and now I already have several users that are using v21 and several users who haven't upgraded yet (or couldn't) that are still using v17. If possible, I'd like to make my future release "attempt" to install the latest runtimes, but if it fails, and they already have a previous runtime installed on their machine, then it could just use that one.

There aren't any new features or signature changes or anything (that I use) in the newer versions so that part wouldn't be an issue. Just wanted to know if it were possible kind of like in an ASP.NET web app, you can specify version ranges for assemblies.