django haysteck FacetedSearchView returning empty results?

I'm using Django haystack FacetedSearchView my

from haystack.generic_views import FacetedSearchView as BaseFacetedSearchView
class FacetedSearchView(BaseFacetedSearchView):
    template_name = 'test.html'
    facet_fields = ['source']  

and in

url(r'^search', FacetedSearchView.as_view(), name='haystack_search')

and in test.html I'm printing the facets. when I issue request as follow:

the content of the factes context object is empty dict. but I think it should return all the I specified facets in facets_fields, and when I append q parameter to the request's querystring (with any value) it returns result but with zero document. is it neccessary to provide the q parameter? and with which value?