Babel Type for 'module.exports'

Im writing a function that uses babel.transform to detect exported modules such as default & named exports.

For the default and named exports I am using the following babel types for detection:

  • ExportDefaultDeclaration

  • ExportNamedDeclaration

But I want to support module.exports which is not detected by either type specified above.

I have tried the DeclareModuleExports type with no luck.

Anyone have any idea of what type I should be using?

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  • answered 2018-03-11 12:49 loganfsmyth

    There is no AST type for this. A good tool for exploring things like this is ASTExplorer. Here is an example for your code:

    You would have to detect arbitrary accesses to a variable named module, and then look for properties named exports. In a Babel plugin for instance you could have a visitor that looked for

    MemberExpression(path) {
      if (
       path.get("object").isIdentifier({name: "module"}) &&
       path.get("property").isIdentifier({name: "exports"})
      ) {
        // whatever